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Corbin exudes country. His distinctive baritone has been gracing airwaves for the past decade as his chart topping debut single “A Little More Country Than That” established Corbin as a mainstay on the country charts. Billboard’s 2010 Top New Country Artist would go on to garner another No. 1 hit with the feel-good “Roll With It” as well as seven top 10 singles, further distinguishing himself from other male vocalists as a tried-and-true country traditionalist who weaves timeless story songs together while tipping his hat to the classic country artists who have come before him. 

“That’s what I love and that’s what I do,” he says of his passion for traditional country music. “For me, it's about keeping one foot in the traditional and one foot in the modern and marrying those two. I’m a country singer: That's one of the things that I take pride in. I try to hone that craft and try to represent that.”

While 2020 marks the 10th anniversary of “A Little More Country Than That” achieving No. 1 status, Corbin shows no sign of slowing down with the release of his infectious new single “Turn Up” and more new music on the way. He promises a “wide array” of songs that include fiddle and pedal steel. As he embarks on a new chapter as an independent artist, Corbin says “A Little More Country Than That” still reflects who he is as an artist and where he sees his career going.

“That's really how I grew up,” he says of his career-defining song. “‘A Little More Country Than That’ radiates with me and my band as well because that really is who I am. That's where I came from, that's what I am. It’s just as important now as it was then, because that's the one that started it all for me. That’s definitely a staple of an Easton Corbin show. I think it also defines my audience and who they are.”

The Florida native was surrounded by music as a child. A Merle Haggard or Hank Williams record was always being spun at his grandparents’ house and a guitar was often lying around begging to be played. “My earliest memories are of me as a kid with a guitar, singing and playing along with the radio,” Corbin recalls. “I knew from an early age I wanted to be a country singer.”

After a decade in the spotlight, Corbin is more confident than ever. “I know what I want to say and what I don’t want to say, and I know what I would say and what I wouldn’t say,” he explains. “I think the new music will highlight the fact that we've been honing these songs and trying to cut the best songs and writing the best songs we can. I think this project, when people give it a shot, they'll see that.”

In the meantime, country fans can turn up a little Easton Corbin

Like the Country music royalty before them, Joe & Martina possess a mutual respect for their craft and the love held for each other is evident whether on or off the stage. Their music unfolds as communicative storytelling through complementary harmonies; It’s a sonic love story unveiled with Bakersfield edge, a touch of modern influence, and the elusive guitar solo.


As independent artists, Joe & Martina continuously flex their creative muscles while remaining faithful to their roots and releasing undeniably “Country” material. Songs such as “Hometown Summer Nights,” “Middle of Nowhere, USA,” and “I’ve Been Around” have garnered the married duo numerous accolades including a spotlight by Billboard as an ”Artist to Watch”, an official stage performance at CMA Fest, and allowed the couple to grace the cover of Horse & Agriculture Magazine.


Joe Peters was born in the Country Music Capital of the West, Bakersfield, CA,  in 1990. In his youth and early 20s, Joe could be found competing in rodeos, team roping, as well working on the family ranch. At age 8 he received his first guitar and started playing along to some of his favorite artists, including Waylon Jennings, George strait and Merle Haggard. In 2007, Joe began working at San Joaquin Bit Service, an oilfield tool company started by his dad in 1979. 


In 2009 Joe decided to pursue his love of music and  songwriting and shortly after in 2010 he began recording for the first time at American Sound Recording Studio, which has now become the Bakersfield Music Hall of Fame. Several of the songs recorded there were released and found local popularity, and became  important building blocks for Joe as he learned the ropes and developed his own style of writing .


 Joe started working with other local artists and began playing gigs up and down the West Coast and Central Valley of California. He continued to expand his professional career, becoming co-owner of several businesses, earning his real estate license, and eventually began running the family company. Joe has built a solid reputation in every community he has been a part of from oil and ag, to roping and songwriting. During this time he became known as a strong motivator and mentor to others trying to make their way in these different arenas. 


Throughout these experiences,  Joe has never lost sight of his music dreams, and in the Spring of 2020 he released his debut album "Raise the Bar". The music is hard-hitting, real Country, showcasing Joe's years of experience in both life and music. The songs on this EP come together to tell one continuous story of rebellion, heartbreak, and redemption; each song varies in music and lyrical style while touching on his wide range of songwriting and performing ability. 


Joe still resides in Bakersfield, CA, and when not working he can be found writing, recording, and traveling to new shows as he continues to "Raise the Bar".

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The Rivals are proud to draw inspiration from their varied musical backgrounds and tastes. From George Strait to Pearl Jam, at anyone of their shows, you are sure to find the full range of their musicality and influence on display.


The Rivals got their start in 2017 when local guitarist Jordan Lewis teamed up with the country music loving vocalist Kelly Pray to play Bakersfield's most popular spots. Two years later, to round out the four piece, they recruited Clint Phillips, from San Diego, CA to play bass, and longtime friend Travis McNinch to play drums.


Recently, The Rivals have begun to incorporate into their live sets their originals, and crowd favorites, Country Song, Let Me Feel You Breathe, and Won't Give In.


Since their inception, The Rivals have worked hard to craft their unique blend of influences into a style all their own. With a steady backbeat, soaring guitars, and tender vocals, The Rivals always provide a good time.


Be sure to catch The Rivals playing all over California, having the time of their lives, doing what they love.