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Johnny and June. George and Tammy. Waylon and Jessi. Garth and Trisha.

Like the Country music royalty before them, Joe & Martina possess a mutual respect for their craft and the love held for each other is evident whether on or off the stage. Their music unfolds as communicative storytelling through complementary harmonies; It’s a sonic love story unveiled with Bakersfield edge, a touch of modern influence, and the elusive guitar solo.


As independent artists, Joe & Martina continuously flex their creative muscles while remaining faithful to their roots and releasing undeniably “Country” material. Songs such as “Hometown Summer Nights,” “Middle of Nowhere, USA,” and “I’ve Been Around” have garnered the married duo numerous accolades including a spotlight by Billboard as an ”Artist to Watch”, an official stage performance at CMA Fest, and allowed the couple to grace the cover of Horse & Agriculture Magazine.


Despite a global pandemic resulting in the near halt of the entertainment industry, 2020 earmarked Joe & Martina’s biggest year yet. They appropriately changed their artist name from “Terra Bella” to “Joe & Martina,” authentically marketing themselves just as they are—Country music’s next legendary powerhouse couple—and released Top 30 hit “Give Me Back the 90’s” featuring their GRAMMY-winning idol, John Berry. The single peaked at No. 28 on Music Row’s Country Breakout Chart and the duo was the only unsigned act in the Top 30 for a number of weeks as their colorful, nostalgia-filled music video premiered via—another major milestone for a completely DIY act. 


The Rivals got their start in 2017 when local musicians Jordan Lewis and Kelly Pray teamed up to start playing their unique brand of music at all of Bakersfield's most popular spots.  Not long after, they recruited longtime friend Travis McNinch to play drums, and the esteemed Mr. Todd Bentley to play bass.


Kelly's delicate vocals and affinity for country music coupled with Jordan's love of all things blues and grunge gave rise to their attitude, and name, The Rivals.  Since their beginning, The Rivals have leaned heavily into their varied influences creating a style all their own.  Add to the mix Travis' heavy rock influence and Todd's longtime love of punk and as a nod to that titan of industry, Jack Donaghy, one might refer to The Rivals' unique blend of styles as "power-clashing. "


Over the last five years, The Rivals have been featured in line-ups with CMA, ACM, and Grammy Award-winning country icon, Suzy Bogguss, CMA nominee Easton Corbin, and the soon to be household name, Tiera Kennedy - each holding a special place in their heart.


Recently, the four-piece has begun to stretch their creative energy and incorporate into their live sets the originals, and crowd favorites, Country Song, Let Me Feel You Breathe, Firestorm, and Won't Give In.  Be sure to catch The Rivals playing all over California, having the time of their lives, doing what they love.


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